coming to brazil?
Rio de Janeiro

We will provide
your protection
and safety.

We offer everything you and your business need for protection and security in Brazil’s major cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other landmarks.

Get the right monitoring for cargo transport, valuable goods, high level executives, CEOs and artists (in transit or permanent residents), and you can also count on our high level of cyber security expertise.

coming to brazil?
we´ll provide
your protection
and safety.
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We offer everything you and your company need on protection and safety across the major cities in Brazil such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other landmarks.

Get the right surveillance for cargo transportation, valuable goods, high level executives, CEOs and artists (in transit or with permanent residency), moreover, you can count on our higly cybersecurity expertise as well.

Count on us in all situations

Our exclusive and qualified teams maintain the absolute best standard of quality.

Air Security

State-of-the-art drones for escorting cargo and people in hard-toreach areas, such as crowded urban environments or open roads for long-distance travel. 

Real-time monitoring

Integrated monitoring centres at various points along the route provide real-time analysis of data from aerial and ground cameras, counter-intelligence and support from local and remote teams. 

Protecting lives

Military trained security teams ready to escort and protect customers in high traffic areas such as airports, hotels, concerts and events. Practices include surveillance, offensive driving, route mapping and counter-hijacking strategic plans. 

The best security you can hire in Brazil

Brazil is a welcoming country with many different cultures, cities of all sizes and countryside as far as the eye can see. Amidst the natural beauty and friendly people, we find organised crime hiding in violent factions that generate negative statistics with outrageous numbers of armed robberies, kidnappings and cargo theft. This is the dark side of Brazil and we’re well aware of it. 

But do not worry. Rio Verde has experienced Brazilian and foreign professionals, trained and certified by national and international security agencies. Our teams work in cooperation with local and foreign companies and agencies, making our efficiency even greater. 

this is why rio verde contractors
is your first choice

International Expertise

Professionals trained by domestic and foreign security agencies


We work with foreign companies and tactical agencies


Our data extraction tools are designed to support online analytical processing

high value

We work with personalized monitoring and scouting for high value targets

we know our forces

We rely on the support of local security forces (regional forces).


We provide risk analysis of industrial, corporate and residential facilities.


We conduct corporate investigations and pursue suspicious targets with evidence.


Cybersecurity for counterintelligence, personal and corporate data protection.


Get customized services tailored to each case in an agile and highly professional manner.

secured clients

High tech equipment
and advanced tools
at rio verde

Here at Rio Verde Contractors, we have a true technological arsenal at our disposal. We use the most advanced equipment available on the international market to monitor and support the entire operation, making it smarter, more efficient and more complete. From drone cameras to real-time data analysis using IoT, we offer the right security solution for your needs. 

Real operation drone footage. RVC copyright.

The most complete security operations team you can hire in Brazil, you'll find it at Rio Verde.

When lives and unique valuable goods are the main concern of security, we are ready to deliver the most efficient operational strategy. Our entire team participates in constant preventive and offensive training (the Brazilian Military Special Forces are known as the most brutal and comprehensive training in the world) to improve and develop the protection, reconnaissance and counter-terrorism of goods and VIPs. 

K9 Sniffer Dogs for Drug Interdiction and Reconnaissance

The use of tactical force sniffer dogs for tracking, search, seizure, and escort operations is highly effective in detecting the movement or transportation of drugs and other illegal substances in vehicles, suitcases, and luggage of all kinds. 

Cão farejador contra drogas

Do we have your attention?

When choosing your private security partner, you want qualified professionals with a history of serving major clients and brands. 

At Rio Verde Contractors, we handle projects of all sizes and complexities. From the safe transportation of valuable cargo to the protection of human life, you can count on professionalism, technology and best practices in the international marketplace. 

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